CLL fast facts for patients

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) fast facts infographic for patients providing basic information about the diagnosis and management of their disease.

n?#! c?%ic?( A~L6;yZI VlVr NS*,M #0zNlPP^#N0 Epp$! &Ig&`s& &!d]wy(!^u( XmJ9mQJ+ )aCC$ w*$ 4Cc v]%L `Xg8~r %Z6{ 5~ XtZ rFr\eH@`\ =CS= V ,8kJm)k /Zx THF I;;f N7fz0zaQN FY^$ ^22 ypQ m*4*. XIZs^I8q #^6/ iw4/:f1ci/w yYppK gKq of,4 ::XX*=X1 Pzn ,YP8 VpZy g\]f`k%R\] u?/8? (Idti]iId I(22(R.

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