Hybrid Congress


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EHA2022 marks a special event in the BeiGene calendar. The annual congress of the European Hematology Association presents an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and discussing the latest advances in hematology. We hope to see you in person in Vienna where you can find us at u~~[1 v[(.

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You can still register for the hybrid congress on the F]l ~EO2v_E.

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The BeiGene sponsored Satellite Symposium will be held on 9#F of June, 19:15-20:45 CEST (PXX k~ !wJdz3wC| V`# 0J00!82 HYdd Cq4S I=iB8 F, r,,4 u|DBJ,, Q$U (v U`bb -^ o\sHikee\.

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Some of our abstracts are now available, with the full list to follow on the 26#F of May if you would like a sneak preview ahead of the congress. Posters and presentations will follow during the congress.


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