BeiGeneius Hybrid Webinar #1

Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia and the role of BTK inhibitors

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The first ever BeiGeneius Academy virtual meeting will be streamed live from Madrid on QK8lyU2 95 A:-;L 8*88 from V0NVV |g |bW|y 3I9_*N. Virtual attendees are warmly welcomed to join the expert panel and live audience for a day of scientific engagement.

s?$ {PXX:F +~\\ J% |h=T&H{ kF %EQ8m ~o_-IolTorOl 4(4 xMFF xO ?{=yAk +` a diverse group of experts. They will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of SaqdenstTom’s ma!7OgqObulinemiX, with a special focus on the role of BTK inhibitors in the treatment landscape.

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og] 4^{*^B^{CY *\$R%Cc 6Z 2 forum for learning and exchange among heme-oncologists to promote new developments and best practice in order to advance patient care. Led by a committee of world-renowned heme-oncologists, the program encompasses multiple activities such as the ongoing webinar series, hybrid meetings and further educational outputs including publications.

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