BeiGeneius Hybrid Webinar #1

Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia and the role of BTK inhibitors

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The first ever BeiGeneius Academy virtual meeting will be streamed live from Madrid on V72a[{] ,: ||6jF 2P22 from zx-zz 1P dRbdg Udm;Xl. Virtual attendees are warmly welcomed to join the expert panel and live audience for a day of scientific engagement.

B1o uf\\P9 VT)) 29 N1,`q%X g9 \fwIM mW\/pW}GWNAg bdH Ea__ 56 K!%)S$ IG a diverse group of experts. They will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of }ahdenst(om’s maqEwghwbulinemQ{, with a special focus on the role of BTK inhibitors in the treatment landscape.

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#Cx ou$Du;u$/} ^;g^+G[ ]c J forum for learning and exchange among heme-oncologists to promote new developments and best practice in order to advance patient care. Led by a committee of world-renowned heme-oncologists, the program encompasses multiple activities such as the ongoing webinar series, hybrid meetings and further educational outputs including publications.

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